Deborah Dunham

Writer. Activist. Athlete. Social Entrepreneur.

About Deborah

I’m on a mission to make social change happen and have fun while I’m doing it.

The truth is, our fast-paced American society is losing touch with people. We are dead-smack in a technological revolution, which is propelling us forward in some ways (such as my ability to write this from my office, my front porch, Costa Rica or the plane that took me there), but it’s also quickly causing us to become out of touch. Talking, sharing and learning about each other is becoming a long-lost art.

During my travels to Costa Rica, I discovered that communicating is not lost over there. In fact, it’s at the heart of their society. Ticos may not be as wealthy as the average American, but they have two things that we often struggle with: presence and connection.

IMG_1042So I have made that my mission.

I am a journalist and writer who is focused on connecting us back together. Profiling people who have an interesting, inspiring story to tell and doing so in a way that makes us think about what–and who–is beyond our four walls (and our technological drug of choice) is a start. So is writing about important social issues that plague our culture, philanthropic efforts, and ways to make a difference.

I am an optimist. An activist. And someone who believes that real change starts with real connections.

My interest in the human spirit and social change spans much of my career. I have worked regionally and nationally on some of our biggest challenges as a society–things that can only be solved by bonding us together, not further dividing us, including health and wellness, our teenage generation, social justice, animal rights and environmentalism.

I have been profiled and recognized in many newspapers and magazines–including being published regularly on AOL and the Huffington Post, as well as beingĀ quoted in the New York Times. I have also started two nonprofit organizations to better the health of our youth, served on the board and committee roles in numerous organizations and have been honored with several achievement awards.

In addition to being a writer, I am a competitive runner (not always in that order), including a 3-time Boston Marathon qualifier, 13-time marathon finisher and age-group winner of many local races. Running–and having a lot of fun–keeps me sane as I strive to change the world!

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